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Does my daughter need a physical exam to attend Ports of Prince William?

No! However, parents must provide complete health history information.  If the camper has a serious medical condition, the Directors or the Camp First Aider will contact the parent if additional information is needed.


How can I improve my daughter's chances of getting into camp?

The best way to ensure your daughter gets into camp is to volunteer.  Ports of Prince William uses about 45 volunteers on site during camp.  Yes, we realize it's difficult to volunteer because many parents work.  Volunteers are not just parents of campers; we also have grandparents, uncles, aunts, nannies, au pairs and young adults (at least 21 years old), but the time you spend helping a child will be worth it.  In the GSCNC Summer Day and Evening Brochure, under each camp's description is information about volunteering.  Each camp uses volunteers in different ways, so you should read carefully and follow the instructions.  Most camps begin to gather adult volunteers as soon as the brochure is distributed in January - if you wait you'll miss out.  See our Volunteers section of our web site for Ports of Prince William information! Apply early for best selection!


My daughter has been accepted.  Will her Unit Leader call us before camp begins?

Each Unit Leader is expected to have a "pre-camp" Unit meeting locally and at a date/time/place determined by them … usually someone's home.  You should hear from the Unit Leader 2-3 weeks before camp begins, and expect to attend this meeting with your daughter.  Most Unit Leaders prefer to do pre-camp communications by email, but some will make phone calls.  Please be sure to check your email frequently.


Can my daughter be in a unit with her current troop members?

We no longer offer the option to choose a camp buddy.  We found with our small camp that the girls will see each other throughout the day.  More than one unit goes to each activity.  Learning how to make new friends is an important life skill and camp is a perfect and safe place in which to do this.


My daughter was accepted into more than one GSCNC day camp on the same dates.  What should we do?

If your daughter was lucky enough to make it into more than one camp on the same dates, the honorable thing to do would be to choose one camp to attend and withdraw from the others so that another girl could enjoy Girl Scouting during the summer.  Please make your decision promptly and carefully review each camp's withdrawal procedures.  We offer NO REFUNDS after June 1, 2018.


On the application, it asks if I give permission for my daughter's photograph to be used to promote Girl Scouting.  Where could her picture end up?

At Ports of Prince William, we take two different types of photos.  The first is a "unit picture." A unit picture is a group photo taken during camp.  Each girl receives a copy of this photo at the end of camp as a souvenir.  The other photos we take are for promotional efforts.  Some of the places the pictures could end up are the Ports of Prince William web site, the GSCNC web site, next year's day camp brochure, etc.  Your daughter's name would not appear in these promotional materials -- only her photo.  If you do not give your permission, when we are taking promotional photos we will ask your daughter to step aside so that she is not accidentally included in one of these pictures.


Something's come up, how do I withdraw my daughter?

To withdraw your daughter, send a letter or email to us -- we do not accept telephone withdrawals.  If you withdraw early enough, we will be able to fill your daughter's spot with someone from the waiting list.  Please keep in mind that we begin purchasing supplies for camp in April and the camp must be completely self-supporting.  Withdrawals before the cutoff date (see Dates & Deadlines) will receive a full refund, withdrawals after the cutoff date will not receive a refund.  There will be NO REFUNDS after June 1, 2018.


How does the Ports of Prince William registration system work?

All applications are looked at on a "First Come, First Served" basis and are treated equally.  Please review How to Apply for more information.


How many girls are accepted?

We would like to accept between 130 - 180 girls per session.


What are the chances of my daughter getting in?

Well, it's hard to say - how many girls are going to apply? Typically, we do not have to turn anyone away, as long as they have registered on time.


I'm a Girl Scout Leader.  Doesn't that give my daughter priority in camp?

Although we appreciate your dedication as a Girl Scout Leader, your daughter does not receive special priority.  Nor does the amount of money you contributed to SHARE have any impact.  This type of preferential treatment is not in keeping with the goals of Girl Scouting.


Do you keep a "wait list" of girls for levels that are full?

Ports of Prince William does keep a wait list.  No one will be added to the waiting list after March 31.  If the session is full for your daughter's age group, send an email to Tiffany Waite at info@camppopw.org.  They will place your daughter on the waiting list.  Applicants will be selected in the order in which it was received and that girl will be offered a spot in Ports of Prince William.


If my daughter doesn't make it into Ports of Prince William this year, does she get preference next year?

No, the registration process begins again.  Please keep in mind that if you register your child/children on time your child should be able to get in with no problems.


Why isn't there enough space at our Girl Scout day camps?

All the day camps are overwhelmed -- we simply do not have enough capacity.  Bottom line -- lack of volunteers! It takes between 45-90 volunteers (including Program Aides) to run a camp.  Our council is always looking for new ideas to solve these problems.  If you have some great ideas on how to manage the camps better, we're always open to suggestions - especially if you're willing to volunteer your time to make it happen!


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