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How do I know if my daughter is ready for day camp?

When you combine excitement, a full schedule and add a bit of hot June & July weather, camp can definitely be an exhausting experience.  Girls who are trying to pack in competitive swimming, soccer or other activities before or after camp will definitely be dragging and probably a bit on the grouchy side.  Some questions to ask yourself: Is my daughter ready to play with girls who are not her best friends? Can she cope with unknowns? Can she give graciously -- doesn't always have to have her own way? Can she function as a member of a group? Does she have the physical stamina to spend the entire day outdoors?


How long is the camp day?

Monday-Thursday: 9:00am - 3:30pm, Friday: 9:00am - 2:00pm.  Camp begins at 9:00am sharp.  Please make sure your camper arrives on time so she can begin her day in a smiling way! As we schedule very full days every day, please be sure to be here at 3:30pm to pick your camper up as she will be tired and ready for a rest.  Friday the camp ends at 2:00pm.  On Friday there will be a "show" put on by the campers and families will be invited to attend.


What kinds of facilities are available at Camp Locust Shade Park?

Ports of Prince William Girl Scout Summer Day Camp reserves the whole park for each session.  For more information on Locust Shade Park and a link to a map/directions, please visit their website here.

The park is located at 4701 Locust Shade Drive, Triangle, VA 22172.

Google Map for Locust Shade Park
Mapquest Map for Locust Shade Park


How are the units put together?

The units contain 15 girls per group based on their Girl Scout level.  This year, levels are determined by the grade in which your child is currently registered for the 2017 - 2018 school year (or as of May 1, 2018).  For example, we provide a Preschooler & Boys Unit, Daisy Units will consist of current 4-year old Pre-Schoolers and Kindergartners, Brownie Units will be 1st and 2nd graders, Junior Units will 3rd and 4th graders, and Cadettes will be current 5th & 6th graders.  This mix of grade levels is in keeping with Girl Scout Program Standards and offers the girls leadership opportunities and role models.  We do our best to ensure that "cliques" do not form in a unit by mixing girls from different schools.  We will not honor requests to change units unless there is a serious behavior problem.  Remember: Each unit is filled with new "best friends" that your daughter hasn't met, yet!


What clothing should my daughter wear each day?

Because the area is wooded, she MUST have closed-toe tennis shoes with fully covered heels - absolutely NO flip-flops or sandals.  Socks must be worn to provide protection from prickly plants, poison ivy and ticks.  Hats or bandanas will be provided to your child and must be worn daily on the head to provide coverage from the sun and from ticks.  Shorts must be finger tip length -- NO "short-shorts" will be allowed.  One camp t-shirt will be given all campers who register and must be worn everyday (additional camp t-shirts may be ordered at the time of registration for $8.00 each).  Girl Scouts are not allowed to show shoulders and/or abdomens.  Please inform your child that they are not allowed to roll-up their short sleeves or tie up the bottom of their camp t-shirt to air off their belly.  She will also need a clean bandana each day that serves as a towel to dry her hands.  This can also be worn damp around the neck to help cool the body in hot weather.  If your camper will be involved in "creeking," it is wise to send them with an old pair of sneakers (able to get wet), an extra pair of socks and a large plastic bag for whatever day they are scheduled for that activity.


What supplies should my daughter bring to camp each day?

All campers must bring a schoolbook size backpack each day and it should include the following items:

  • clean bandana
  • 12 to 16 oz.  water bottle (with water - no energy drinks)
  • bag lunch from home (a healthy lunch will give your child more energy)
  • small snack for later in the afternoon
  • rain poncho
  • sun screen
  • bug spray (no aerosols cans - bad for the environment)
  • chapstick


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Ports of Prince William Day Camp has been in operation for more than 25 years.  The Camp is held at Locust Shade Park, located in Triangle, Virginia across from Marine Corps Base Quantico.  Our all-volunteer camp staff works hard to provide children with an outstanding camp experience for an extremely reasonable price.  Learn more...