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My daughter has a disability.  Can she participate in Camp Ports of Prince William?

We're committed to making Ports of Prince William a possibility for every girl regardless of her abilities.  We'll gladly work with parents before camp to discuss options, answer questions, and modify plans.  We can meet at the camp with the parents to show them the terrain and determine if the girl will be safe and comfortable.  Unfortunately, if the parent isn't honest with us early in the process, that may result in disappointments later on.  So please fill out the medical information fully and completely so your daughter can have a safe and fun camp experience.


What are the qualifications of the camp medical staff?

Our day camp provides care for injuries or unexpected illnesses.  Our medical staff is all volunteer.  While we hope a doctor or nurse will volunteer for Ports of Prince William, it usually doesn't happen.  Normally we have a Camp First Aider who has been trained in CPR and Level II First Aid, at a minimum.  Hospital phone numbers are always close at hand so that our Camp First Aider may consult with a medical practitioner as necessary.


My daughter has severe food allergies.  Will this be a problem?

Not with a little help from Mom or Dad! Please be specific in describing the allergies.  Most food allergies have varying degrees of causes and reactions (i.e.  can she sit next to someone eating a peanut butter sandwich?).  If your daughter has severe or extensive food allergies/restrictions, her Unit Leader, the Cooking Center Leader and the Camp First Aider will all be informed!


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Ports of Prince William Day Camp has been in operation for more than 25 years.  The Camp is held at Locust Shade Park, located in Triangle, Virginia across from Marine Corps Base Quantico.  Our all-volunteer camp staff works hard to provide children with an outstanding camp experience for an extremely reasonable price.  Learn more...