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When I click on a handbook or a badge requirement sheet button, nothing happens.  What's the problem?

If the .pdf document does not appear, check the status bar at the very bottom of your screen.  You should see a minimized button for Adobe .pdf.  Click on the button and the screen will open.


Your web site doesn't look good on my computer, but it looks fine on my neighbor's.  What's the problem?

We've chosen common fonts and toned-down colors hoping that they'll look good on almost every computer, but your browser, your fonts, your monitor and its resolution can all impact how our site appears.  Hopefully, our choices will look good on the majority of computers out there! Our web site looks best if you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer as your web browser.


How often is your web site updated?

We hope you'll find our web site helpful! We've put a lot of effort into anticipating your questions and concerns and addressing them in advance! We update our site frequently, at least once a week during the registration and camp season.


I sent you an email asking a question, but instead of answering me, you sent me a link to a web page.  What's up with that?

What's up is that the answer to your question can already be found on our web site.  We spent a lot of time crafting the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.  I f we just whip off a quick answer to an email, there's a chance we'll create confusion because we'll give you a quick answer instead of a complete answer! If the Frequently Asked Questions pages aren't really answering your question, please email us again.


Sometimes I receive duplicate copies of an email from Ports of Prince William.  Is there a problem?

No.  Sometimes our automated system "burps" and sends multiple copies.  We're trying to figure out why, but so far, no luck! We're asking you to grin and bear it!


How do I know if I'm seeing the most current information on your web site?

If you visit our web site frequently, be sure to refresh your browser.  When you visit a web site, your computer makes a copy of the page and stores it on your hard drive to make page retrieval faster.  To make sure you're looking at the latest updates, you can force your computer to "fetch" a fresh copy.  Go to our web site.  If you use Internet Explorer as your browser, hold down the Shift key, go to the "View" menu, and then "Refresh." If you use Netscape, it's "Reload" instead of "Refresh."


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Summer 2018 Dates

It's a Star-Spangled Camp
Session I -- June 25 - June 29, 2018
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Ports of Prince William Day Camp has been in operation for more than 25 years.  The Camp is held at Locust Shade Park, located in Triangle, Virginia across from Marine Corps Base Quantico.  Our all-volunteer camp staff works hard to provide children with an outstanding camp experience for an extremely reasonable price.  Learn more...